Nursing responsibilities: Oral care

Oral care is an essential part of morning care that we render to our patients, specially to the bed ridden patients.
I will help you how to give a quick but effective oral care to your patients. First is you must prepare your things ,you will need 2 padded tongue depressor, 2 plastic cup , clean water, and my favorite BACTIDOL ORAL SOLUTION which i prefer to use and what doctors most prescribed. ( These are the needed materials when rendering oral care to patients without gag reflex or patients who are really weak and cannot tolerate to use a tootbrush )

Now, let’s proceed. Put a teaspoon of bactidol solution in one cup then add 30 ml of water on it. Fill the other cup with water, open the tounge depressor and start.
First you need to clean the tounge using the tounge depressor dipped with bactidol solution . Then clean the upper teeth using an up and down motion then do the same on the lower teeth, repeat the steps if neccessary. Rinse the tounge and teeth using the clean water using the same step. We choose BACTIDOL for some reasons , it prevents tooth decay, it is good for the gums and lessen the bad breath of your patients.

I myself is a bactidol user, i use this specially if i have little time to clean my mouth after lunch break,i think it’s better than not brushing your teeth at all. hehe

This is how bactidol looks like.


thanks for reading.


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