Every nurse needs a hand moisturizer!

I was looking at my hands after my duty today. It became so dry that my skin got chapped. It hurts, i tried to covered it with a band aid to protect it from dirt. I Washed them with an antibacterial soap and wola! This Jergens ultra healing lotion just gave my hands a relief. We nurses really need to wash our hands regularly and routinely: before you go to your patient and after you render care to your patient. That is breaking the chain of infection which is very vital in providing quality care. So anyway, i just want to share what I discovered today. Actually I have been a Jergens user but i stopped using it because i want something that can whiten my hands. But, i failed, nothing can soothe my dry hands faster than Jergens. I almost tried everything.  You might want to try it and hey it’s really handy . Feels like it is made for nurses. 🙂 consider it as a threat to your hands.




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