Like a pizza: Equality is needed in Health Care


        As they say you must always give fair treatment to your patients. Whether he is poor or rich you must always render care equally. The reality is, it does not work that way. Rich people here in our country always have a better treatment than the less privileged. Money works and i hate the fact that it’s true. It is really heart breaking that some patients go home because their money is not enough to pay the hospital bill and buy medications. I actually don’t know what to say when a relative comes to me and tell me ” Ma’am we want to be discharged , we do not have money for my sons treatment ” . I sometimes keep quiet but sometimes i give them words of encouragement; i think that’s the least i could do, right? 

        So talking of fair treatment. Today, i realized that as a nurse i can do something for that. I should always treat my patients equally whatever the race, belief or status they have. Giving my best in rendering holistic care despite this equality issues is my goal , with this simple act i hope i can bring smile to my patients faces.



2 thoughts on “Like a pizza: Equality is needed in Health Care

  1. The best thing that people can do is eat their vegatable and exercise. Allbeit it can not solve every malady, but the processed food, fast food, and nutrient deficient food we eat is poison.

    Exercise helps digest, remove toxins, increase blood flow, and release endorphins. Fancy new surgery or medication is not always the best option.

    The biggest tragedy is that we know we should eat better and exercise, but do not.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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