A friend that once was mine

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.


One of the memorable days of my life would be my elementary days. The sun shining brightly  on a busy day at school. All of us would be playing at the grounds making fun of each other, teasing , laughing and living a carefree life. And there is this one friend that will always stick to you. A friend who will make stupid things with you, partners in crime as they say. I still remember the days that we will sneak up our assigned task for the day because we want to go home early just so to watch an anime movie. We always go home together and even make some school project together. We also went to the same school for high school. We got closer then, we kept secrets together and have crushes together without having a fight. It was a nice friendship, until one day we part ways so to pursue our college degree.

Everything change then, we have different set of friends and we see each other thrice a year. Everything seems different, we have different point of views now.  We got mature , but our friendship is not the same anymore. There are more things that we don’t agree , she got business administration and me a student nurse. It made me sad to realized that she is not a close friend anymore. When it comes to friendship, you always have a choice whether to keep it or lose it. I did my part, sadly she did otherwise.



3 thoughts on “A friend that once was mine

  1. Yes, we keep losing friends along the way, don’t we all. I wrote about losing a friend too in my assignment. You have managed to convey emotions well, good work.

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