Writing 101: Be brief

It was such a gloomy day. But it did not bother me, today the guy whom i really like at class asked me to do our school project together in his house; I put on my best clothes and went on time in his house.

I opened the door because it’s open and to my surprise he’s sitting at the dining table and delicious foods were served. We ate first then proceeded with our project ,he really has a sense of humor and he is really kind to me. I just hope I can make the clock stop,so that i can stay longer.

I bid farewell as I stepped out in their house, he kept saying thank you very much, i owe you one. I just smiled back.

I arrived home safely. As i was unpacking my bag I saw a note and attached to it was an envelope letter the note says ” Please Help me give this letter to your friend, i really love her , her parent’s don’t like me, i hope you can give it to her ASAP , you are the only way. Thank you, I owe you “



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