Time is Gold

Hello my dear followers. How’s everyone? Well, i’ve been quite busy with my work and some stuffs. But anyway what ’s important is that im starting to blog again.

What I will blog about is my latest purchase in http://www.zalora.com.ph
Hahaha yesssss.

As for my post title , i guess you guys have an idea of what i will blog about. I always love watches and since i am a nurse  watches are very important.

So here’s a picture of my purchase


Look at that cute box from zalora, I always admire their packaging.

Then here’s a picture of my first white watch


I was afraid to try  a white watch since it gets dirty easily. But this time when i had my first look at this watch i didnt doubt to put it on my cart and ordered it online.


Good points about this watch is that it is rubber, white dial, water resistant, and can be paired with any dress. I also ordered it because they had a free shipping promo at that time and yes because it goes with our white uniform.

So anyway, online shoppers check out http://www.zalora.com.ph cause today they have an ongoing promo 20% off on selected items and yesss a free shipping again. Hurry promo ends on august 17.


oh BTW guys zalora has an app and you can download it on google play. It’s more convenient to use it. So c’mon upload it now and have a hassle free shopping.


Thanks for reading 🙂



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