Pavvurulun AFI Festival 2014

Tuguegarao is the capital city of the province of Cagayan, Philippines. It is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Cagayan and Pinacanauan Rivers. The Pinacanauan joins the Cagayan River in Tuguegarao. The city is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains to the east, Cordillera Mountains to the west, and the Caraballo Mountains to the south. It is one of the settlements on the southern border of the province. ( wikipedia)

I am a proud cagayano! So this month is the feast month of tuguegarao. I have been staying here for almost 2 years now. And I must say that I have learned to love this place and also the people. 🙂

Below is a video about the very first AFI festival of Tuguegarao City. As you will see in this video hundreds of people participated in this festival from elementary students to professional level. The people united to make this AFI festival a fun and memorable one. I hopr you guys will enjoy this video.

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