Writing 101: Day 6 A Character Building Experience

I woke up late today. It is such a lazy day to prepare for work. I got to buzz off my alarm three times before i finally get up and get myself ready.

As i entered the hospital people look at me with a smile on their faces. I did not know why everyone seems so friendly today.

I went to the station and proceeded with patient’s endorsement and rounds.

Almost all of my patients seems okay but one. Little miss whiny is doing it again. As I entered her room, she began to cry. Her eyes showed fear, fear of experiencing the piercing of the needles against her skin. She keeps on moving trying to get away from me. I tried to calm her ,i talked to her gently and said  ” miss krista ,it’s me your nurse, I’m here to help you get well soon”. She stopped and looked at me in the eye. Her big eyes glistened and her face lightened up. She got closer to me and i smiled back. She was silently observing everything i do. As I look at her i notice that she has a beautiful hair. Her cheeks are rosy white and her lips has more smiles than before.
I talked to her continuously, she was just silently listening and nodding at my questions. She was very happy, as if she found a new friend in me. I took a deep breathe and find myself enjoying talking to her.
As silence come across the room, she look the other way, I saw the pain in her eyes again. The agony of fighting her disease in three years revealed . I came closer and put my hands near her. I closely notice that the bruises in her legs are starting to show up, its leukemia, her immune system is really backing down I tried to touch it and she gasps. “It hurts really bad” she said, “I’m sorry” i responded , she replied with a smile but her eyes were still sad. I wanted to stay inside her room but I felt that she wanted to be alone again, I bid my farewell and hoping one day i can paint that beautiful genuine smile on her face.



Daily prompt: Binding Judgment

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not

I love books. Ever since I was a kid I’m surrounded with different kind of books.

As i grow up, my taste for books change. I started from comic books ,then switched to novels and today I go for inspirational books. Book filled wisdom is what interests me.

Well honestly for me i don’t rely much with book covers but i have to admit that book covers have 40 % impact on me. First impression really do last. And when it comes to books, book covers are important. I go for simplicity and I avoid too loud covers. Anyhow, what’s really important for me is the geese of the book. I based my choice of books mainly on the geese and author.
I haven’t bought a book that I mainly choose because of its cover. Good thing I made a decision not to buy books based on it outside appearance. Just like in real life.


Writing 101: Be brief

It was such a gloomy day. But it did not bother me, today the guy whom i really like at class asked me to do our school project together in his house; I put on my best clothes and went on time in his house.

I opened the door because it’s open and to my surprise he’s sitting at the dining table and delicious foods were served. We ate first then proceeded with our project ,he really has a sense of humor and he is really kind to me. I just hope I can make the clock stop,so that i can stay longer.

I bid farewell as I stepped out in their house, he kept saying thank you very much, i owe you one. I just smiled back.

I arrived home safely. As i was unpacking my bag I saw a note and attached to it was an envelope letter the note says ” Please Help me give this letter to your friend, i really love her , her parent’s don’t like me, i hope you can give it to her ASAP , you are the only way. Thank you, I owe you “


Daily prompt: Dream Teacher

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. 
Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?


I am Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He become like us and died on the cross for our sins.

If there is one person from history i would like to be my teacher, that would be no other than Jesus Christ .As we have read from the bible, he is the great rabbi from our past. He taught many things through parables and made miracles in front of the people. That would be really amazing if teachers do that today, well apparently only God can make such miracles.

Ever since I was a kid my mother would tell me stories in the bible and it really amazes me. If there is one topic that I would request to God to teach me that would be ” God please tell me how to go to heaven.” I would love to listen from God’s description of heaven with His amazing and powerful voice. I want to see miracles and capture it with my camera, then post it on facebook  [ Kidding 🙂 ]. It would be nice if he would show me the ten commandments and remind me of all of them, i would definitely ask more questions about it.

Lastly I will thank him and hug him for all the things that he has done for me. If not because of him then maybe i will not be here writing this blog today.


Daily prompt: Longing for gravity! The beauty in our earth

The tall trees ,the green view ,the smell of nature is one of the things i like. I love going to places where you see the beauty of mother earth. Spending time with the nature can help you relax from the busy life. That’s why when we go for a vacation we always have in mind is going to a place where we can be closer to nature. Seldom do we think to go for a vacation on a busy street and spend some time at the mall. Because as we have experience ,nature has more to offer.

The people. What is good about the people on earth? Our life is surrounded with people that we need. Our love ones, our co workers and the others that just come and go. Life here on earth would be boring if you are just the only one living, so God created people so that this earth will be a great earth to live in.

The animals. Well, I have to admit that animals have a charm that we people could not resist. Whatever animal it is , animals never fail to amaze us. That’s why we are so called pet lovers.

So what will i miss most about our earth? That would be the people, i will definitely miss my parents, my friends and the person i want to be with in the future. Our earth will not be this good if there are no people taking of it.

So that’s it, not to mention the oxygen that we breath in here on earth.