“Thank you”

” Thank you” , two words but very heart warming.

 A month ago we have student nurses who were assigned in our unit to have their staffing.

For me they are really of great help . They monitor the patients vital signs, give their medications (with our assistance) and do the charting. Not to mention that they also help us change the patients bed linens. And for us staff nurses, what we need to do is assist them with whatever they will do and see to it that what they are doing is correct. But I must say its not that easy to supervise students. You can’t be too lax and too strict. I can still remember the day when I was also a student, I hate it when my clinical instructor sticks to me when i go to my patients room and keep on observing my ways. Ugggh, but now i understand them better — one mistake and your licenses is at stake.

Anyywayy, time flies so fast. Today is their last day of staffing 😦 We’ll definitely gonna miss them. I hope they learned something from us 🙂

Here is a picture o f what they gave us. Personalized cupcakes and it says “THANK YOU NDU”



1st batch of cupcakes (Taste soooo good) Check out their instagram account @ LPVcupcakes

Sorry for the poor picture i just took it with my phone. :p


Second batch of cupcakes


Night duty : good or bad?


I’ve been having my night duty for almost half a month now. At first i love the feeling that there are less errands on night duties, but when as my night duties continues i can already feel the disadvantage of it. Maybe im not a night person after all. I usually get a heavy feeling when i get home. I skip meals and trade it for sleep. But anyway. It’s good the my night shift draft will end soon. I guess i just need to supplement my needs thru multivitamins. I hope i can get through this without catching any sickness.
How about you nurses? How’s your duty lately?


Hiring: Staff nurses, Residency Training

Good morning nurses.
I have a good news for all the nurses in region 2, Philippines.
St. Paul Hospital is need of staff nurses; but not only that, they are also in need of pharmacist and resident doctors .
So here’s what you need to bring when passing your resume
* application letter
* recommendation letter from your deans office
*college diploma
*average score in NLE
*copy of the seminars you attended (BLS, ACLS, IVT)
*PHOTOCOPY of your License ID
*SSS number
Take note :Use short bond paper only

Pass your resume at the nursing service office at the second floor of the hospital. You can ask the information upon entering the hospital for directions.

For residency training here is what you need:

here is the hospitals web address if you want to know more about it:

I hope this helps.
Apply now ! 🙂

– Mary

Like a pizza: Equality is needed in Health Care


        As they say you must always give fair treatment to your patients. Whether he is poor or rich you must always render care equally. The reality is, it does not work that way. Rich people here in our country always have a better treatment than the less privileged. Money works and i hate the fact that it’s true. It is really heart breaking that some patients go home because their money is not enough to pay the hospital bill and buy medications. I actually don’t know what to say when a relative comes to me and tell me ” Ma’am we want to be discharged , we do not have money for my sons treatment ” . I sometimes keep quiet but sometimes i give them words of encouragement; i think that’s the least i could do, right? 

        So talking of fair treatment. Today, i realized that as a nurse i can do something for that. I should always treat my patients equally whatever the race, belief or status they have. Giving my best in rendering holistic care despite this equality issues is my goal , with this simple act i hope i can bring smile to my patients faces.


It’s valentines day. But.. I’m a nurse


It’s 5 am and I woke up to the alarm of my clock. I stretched my arms, grab my towel and went straight to the bathroom. The cold water is enough to wake up my sleeping soul. I dried myself immediately and put on my white uniform. I tied my hair to a bun and covered it with a hairnet. I don’t want to look so dull so i applied a light make up on my face.  There was nothing to eat so i grab the leftover, a hot dog sand which and ate them on my way to work.

It was a normal day as i entered the hospital, no flowers or decorations seen. I went straight to our unit. The endorsement was about to start when I arrived. Today, we were assigned to six patient’s . Our maximum census is 1 nurse is to 8 patients for total patient care. Today i handled 2 hypertensive patients, 1 stroke patient with nasogastric tube, 1 status post exploratory laparotomy, 1 pediatric patient who has diarrhea, and 1 with colon cancer who is dyspneic.My duty started right, i prepared my medications and went on to check my patient’s initial vital signs. It took me an hour to give my medications and get their vital signs. Everyone seemed okay, no initial complaints and everyone looked happy. As i’m about to do my documentation on the nurses notes. One of my patients relative went to me and told me that my cancer patient could hardly breathe. I went immediately and saw that he has labored breathing, I instructed him to try to relax and assisted him with deep breathing exercises. I went to get his salbutamol nebule and administered it via face mask. He started to calm down and saw that he was relieved. I pushed his due IV hydrocortisone and he started to even look better. He can now speak and told me he is feeling much better. I went back to our station and just when i was about to sit , a doctor came in and asked me to accompany him to dress his patients wounds. We went straight ahead to the patients room and changed his wound dressing. After that ,I went to my patients room and gave him a stat dose of dulcolax suppository because he has not defecated for three days. I tried to document all my initial vital signs in fastest way possible because i know the doctors might be doing their rounds and there is so much errands to do that can cause delay to my documentation. So… i was right after a few minutes here the doctors came and had their rounds. There’s so many laboratory requests to be done. Procedure such as X-ray and CT-scan is to be done immediately because the doctor’s want to see the result immediately. Six hours had passed and i felt that I was getting weak and my tummy hurts. I was hungry, but I just couldn’t take a break since my other colleague had her lunch first and we need to take turns since we are only three staff nurses in our unit. I finally took the chance to sit down while waiting for my colleague to come. I smiled at her when she arrived and she knew immediately that i’m dead hungry too. I had my lunch alone in our canteen, there is no signs of special occasion there. We were all just  staff in the hospital having a break from the busy world of the ward. I went back and started doing some wound dressing, turned my stroke patient from side to side and fed her via nasogastric tube. It was a routine: prepare medication , checked vitals signs and document all the things we have done to our patients. I haven’t notice that my 12 hours duty is almost done. A few minutes our incoming staff came in . I checked all the charts making sure proper documentation was done and I made sure that all my patients were okay. The endorsement was done and the nurses rounds seemed to go quickly.
Finally it was time to go home.
I just felt so relieved and fulfilled when I got out of the hospital. We greeted each other goodbye and happy valentines.
As I go to bed I think that I still have the best gift today. I may be dead tired but nothing can repay how grateful my patients were to me when i’m about to leave. Some gave me food and said thank you to me. Some were even asking to have me as a nurse again. This are the things you experience in the hospital that are priceless. I did have a HAPPY VALENTINES after all.

– Mary

Dear stressed nurse : Relax and Recharge

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Stressed from work ? So what to do? Quit your job? No.
You nurses need a break and get a real vacation!

Breathe a fresh air!  Go to the beach. Have a break from the smell of a hospital.  

Spend some real bonding moments with good friends. Laugh or cry hard over past memories.

And lastly, relaxed your mind and reflect from the good things that has happened to your life and to your career.
So the next time you want to quit your job. Think twice or thrice, remember don’t make a decision when you are mad or depressed.
Reflect why you made a decision to pursue your career as nurse, there must be something that makes you hold on.

– Mary

Looking back: from student nurse to registered nurse

rmsAt the very first day of my first year at a nursing school, we were asked this question ” Why did you take up nursing?”.  Most of my classmates answered : to earn green bucks, to serve humanity, and because it was their parent’s decision and not theirs. Nursing is really boom in our country, wherever you go you can always see students wearing a white uniform. Most of the students really want to get out of the country and work abroad as a nurse and not in our own country. It was at that time that i hate nurses whose after is just to go abroad and earn green bucks. I use to call them “taksil ng bayan” ( the one that disowns his own country) , not until I graduated , got my license and started working as a nurse here in our country. I must say, now i understand. Nurses here in our country cannot live with kids to feed because of our very low salary. Not only that, people in our country view nurses as a maid ( maid that is high class with license). Most of the doctors i encountered do not know to value our work, some of the doctors do not really know what we do. They demand too much from us thinking that we are like superheroes , not knowing that we have lot of work to do. Sometimes they wanted that all of their orders must be done promptly. Oh well, i thank God that not all doctors are like that. Some can really understand us and appreciate what we do.

So if you are that someone who has plans to take up nursing  , you have to make sure that you really love nursing. Because being a nurse takes a lot of patience, not only with your patients but also to the doctors and your colleagues. 

🙂 Mary