“Thank you”

” Thank you” , two words but very heart warming.

 A month ago we have student nurses who were assigned in our unit to have their staffing.

For me they are really of great help . They monitor the patients vital signs, give their medications (with our assistance) and do the charting. Not to mention that they also help us change the patients bed linens. And for us staff nurses, what we need to do is assist them with whatever they will do and see to it that what they are doing is correct. But I must say its not that easy to supervise students. You can’t be too lax and too strict. I can still remember the day when I was also a student, I hate it when my clinical instructor sticks to me when i go to my patients room and keep on observing my ways. Ugggh, but now i understand them better — one mistake and your licenses is at stake.

Anyywayy, time flies so fast. Today is their last day of staffing 😦 We’ll definitely gonna miss them. I hope they learned something from us 🙂

Here is a picture o f what they gave us. Personalized cupcakes and it says “THANK YOU NDU”



1st batch of cupcakes (Taste soooo good) Check out their instagram account @ LPVcupcakes

Sorry for the poor picture i just took it with my phone. :p


Second batch of cupcakes