Daily prompt: Dream Teacher

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. 
Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?


I am Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He become like us and died on the cross for our sins.

If there is one person from history i would like to be my teacher, that would be no other than Jesus Christ .As we have read from the bible, he is the great rabbi from our past. He taught many things through parables and made miracles in front of the people. That would be really amazing if teachers do that today, well apparently only God can make such miracles.

Ever since I was a kid my mother would tell me stories in the bible and it really amazes me. If there is one topic that I would request to God to teach me that would be ” God please tell me how to go to heaven.” I would love to listen from God’s description of heaven with His amazing and powerful voice. I want to see miracles and capture it with my camera, then post it on facebook  [ Kidding 🙂 ]. It would be nice if he would show me the ten commandments and remind me of all of them, i would definitely ask more questions about it.

Lastly I will thank him and hug him for all the things that he has done for me. If not because of him then maybe i will not be here writing this blog today.



Blue Lagoon Pagudpud – a must see place!

HI everyone ! I haven’t blog for like years. But hey I’m back. And this time I’m going to share to you my pagudpud experience.

Pagupdud is located in ilocos norte. That is 4 to 5 hours by bus from tuguegarao to blue lagoon pagudpud. Since my father doesnt want to drive us from tuguegarao to pagudpud we took a bus which for me is not bad at all. We ride the early trip of GMW bus in tuguegarao.  GMW liner is located near florida bus station.

For those who are coming from manila, you can travel to pagudpud by plane and by land. There are buses going to laoag in Cubao , take that bus and stop in Laoag then find  a bus or van that travels to cagayan. 🙂 They can drop you off to Pagupud along the way. Same process for those who wants to travel by plane. There is also a plane from Manila to laoag.

Well anyway, to be really honest it was my first time to visit blue lagoon pagudpud. And I was not disappointed, Blue lagoon Pagudpud really is the Boracay of the north 😀

Actually there are many places that you can chose from once you get to blue lagoon. But our family decided to stay in Casa Consuelo. It is just in front of the famous Dos Hermanos. It’s quite far from the other places but it’s worth it 🙂

Here are some of the pictures from Casa Consuelo :

This the office of Casa Consuelo, this is where we register. There's also a welcome sign board for us whe we arrived :D hehe sweet thing :D

This the office of Casa Consuelo, this is where we register. There’s also a welcome sign board for us when we arrived 😀 hehe sweet thing 😀

This is where we eat :)

This is where we eat 🙂

This is also a nice place to chill out :) especially during dawn :)

This is also a nice place to chill out 🙂 especially during dawn 🙂

The cabanas: no private bathroom, no aircon : not bad really! 🙂


This the cheapest room, but still it gives you the home away from home feeling 🙂


What i love about this room is the hammock in front of it ! I lovee it 😀


Let’s take a closer look 🙂

This room is good for 8 persons :)

This room is good for 8 persons 🙂

closer look 😀 look another hammock 🙂

Here are the pictures of the  beach. The sand in front of casa consuelo is actually a combination of white sand and corals. So it is actually not a fine sand. If you want a finer white sand you can go to the public beach. It is a 15-20 minute walk from casa consuelo.DSCN0012 DSCN0014 DSCN0015 DSCN0016 DSCN0017 DSCN0019

The island near dos hermanos is actually called “island reef” . As you can see in the pictures :DSCN0071


I have to say our stay here in Casa Consuelo was worth it. If you want a quiet place to stay in blue lagoon i highly recommend this place 🙂 You can check their facebook account, the room rates are  written there too. ( https://www.facebook.com/CASACONSUELO. )The owners are very friendly and so is their crew 🙂 The rates are a bit pricey but i guess it’s really worth it 🙂 The food is good, you may want to try their pansit it’s a delish.

Here are some of the pictures i want to share with you :

Ughh take me back to this place ! <3

Ughh take me back to this place ! ❤

Woke up to this beautiful sunrise T_T

Woke up to this beautiful sunrise T_T


I hope you guys will visit this place and send me some feed back too. 🙂

You Own It, But Should You Photograph It?

Read this 🙂

Blog of the Courtier


If I came over to your house and started rearranging your furniture, or fiddling with the pictures on the walls, you’d probably be more than a little bit put out.  No one likes people touching their “stuff” without permission.  However when it comes to art museums, there’s often a tension between those who approach them while maintaining a respectful distance, and those who want to do the equivalent of putting their shod feet on the coffee table.  An example of this tension can be seen in the very current issue of public photography in this, the age of the selfie on social media.

News this week that London’s National Gallery will now allow personal, non-commercial photography of their collection reversed a very long-held policy.  Even though other London institutions such as the British Museum, Tate Britain, and Tate Modern have all permitted photography for years, the National Gallery was a…

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Stunning gown made up of hospital materials

Last tuesday the institution where I work celebrated its 20th years of service. A part of the celebration is the fashion show wherein the six teams showcased their talents in making an attire using the recycable waste of the hospital.

Wellll. I love all the designs but of course there’s always that one favorite right? hehe anyway here is my favorite


Guess what is this made of? 🙂 Here is another picture


So let me show what this dress is made of.

First, the base is this white dress


Then, those stuffed flowers are actually disposable OR caps. They were shaped into circle small flower. Wonderful isn’t it?


The spikes , were made up of Intravenous bottles. Cut into leaf like shapes and glued together.


The shiny part near the waist area were oxygen cannulas cut and formed in spiral and were stitched hand in hand in the cloth.



The upper part was made up of syringe cups.


The syringe cups were glued on the cloth. And it has this sparkly effect .

Tsanan! wonderfuls isn’t it? 🙂
It really looks wonderful in person, it looks classy and expensive. But it is just actually made up of recyclable materials from the hospital.

Here are some of my other favorites:




*all photos are not mine*

What do you think?



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Watch “Labor Pain Simulator for Two Men as The Wives Sit…” on YouTube

Labor pain is said to be close to bone pain. Bone pain is the worst pain of all kinds of pain.

Lol. Well.. see not all girls are exaggerating 😀
Tested and proven by this two men 🙂

Enjoy watching 🙂

Labor Pain Simulator for Two Men as The Wives Sit…: http://youtu.be/Gw5ayibQ-E0

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“Thank you”

” Thank you” , two words but very heart warming.

 A month ago we have student nurses who were assigned in our unit to have their staffing.

For me they are really of great help . They monitor the patients vital signs, give their medications (with our assistance) and do the charting. Not to mention that they also help us change the patients bed linens. And for us staff nurses, what we need to do is assist them with whatever they will do and see to it that what they are doing is correct. But I must say its not that easy to supervise students. You can’t be too lax and too strict. I can still remember the day when I was also a student, I hate it when my clinical instructor sticks to me when i go to my patients room and keep on observing my ways. Ugggh, but now i understand them better — one mistake and your licenses is at stake.

Anyywayy, time flies so fast. Today is their last day of staffing 😦 We’ll definitely gonna miss them. I hope they learned something from us 🙂

Here is a picture o f what they gave us. Personalized cupcakes and it says “THANK YOU NDU”



1st batch of cupcakes (Taste soooo good) Check out their instagram account @ LPVcupcakes

Sorry for the poor picture i just took it with my phone. :p


Second batch of cupcakes

Tunnel bear

Hello my dear friends. What have you been doing lately?
Oh well whats keeping me busy aside from my work is this new discovery. I have downloaded a very nice app.
It enables me to browse free videos online without any hassle. Since I am born to a country with many restrictions when it comes to web browsing a decided to upload this app. Tsanan!! The tunnel bear app- Tunnel bear is a FREE app that can be used to trick web sites into believing that you are located in a different country.
Good thing tunnel bear has an app for android mobile. Uploading this on my mobile makes it easier for me to watch my favorites movies/tv series online. So this is what you should do go to google play- type ” tunnel bear ” then boom click install.


Downloading this app will only take a few minutes so don’t worry. Once it’s already installed then the fun begins. This is what it looks like


First you have to activate your tunnel bear by clicking on. Whats good about this app is you have free mbps when you instantly upload it. When you turn it on. You can now browse from your desired web. I find this app very useful i can now watch movies and listen to musics that are not allowed in our country. I’m one happy nurse!

Here is more of TunnelBear Features:
1) Protocols Supported –OpenVPN for PCs and Android; IPSec for iOS.

2) Encryption Strength – Minimum 128 bit AES encryption available to all customers.

3) Speed & Bandwidth Restrictions – No speed orbandwidth restrictions for paidusers.

4) VPN Servers – TunnelBear has VPN servers in 8 different countries including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan and Canada.

5) Server Switching Policy – Unrestricted access to all servers and unlimited number of server switches available to all customers. (Access to Australian server is restricted only to paid customers).

6) Device/OS Compatibility – Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. One TunnelBear account (except for mobile only accounts) can be used from one computer and two mobile devices at the same time.

7) VPN Software – Stylish and extremely user friendly software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The client makes it easy to connect/disconnect with just one click, switch servers, diagnose connection problems, connect to the closest server, auto-connect at startup, update the software and create n
accounts right from within the interface. The software even includes an Intellibear feature that makes it possible to route only specific websites through the VPN while using your normal IP address for all the other sites. However, the tool does not include a traffic kill switch or application binding feature so your real IP address could be revealed when the service goes down unexpectedly.

Customers who wish to use the service on a Linux based computer would need to install the service manually. Manual setup is not currently supported for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

8) Logging Policy – The company just logs bandwidth consumption and the number of times a particular customer connects to the service. The company does not record or collect personally identifiable information (such as IP addresses) or spy on customers’ online activities. For customers who use the adblocking feature, the company stores the domain from where the tracker was blocked.

9) Subscription price – Giant TunnelBear plan available for $4.99 per month while Grizzly TunnelBear plan costs $49.99 per year. Mobile only VPN plans are available from $2.99 per month, $7.99 for 3 months and $29.99 for one year. It is worthwhile to note that mobile only plans can be used on one device at a time.

10) Free Trial/Money Back Policy – A never ending free account with 500 MB/month bandwidth limit is available to everyone. It is also possible to get an additional 1 GB of bandwidth every month just by tweeting about TunnelBear’s service. The company does not have a refund policy in place so it is advisable to test the free service before subscribing to a paid account.

11) Customer Support – Customer support is available through email. Since the company has published step-by-step troubleshooting instructions for many VPN errors, it is also possible to resolve common connection issues on your own.

(reference : http://topvpnservices.com/tunnelbear-review-tunnelbear-vpn-features-benefits/ )

So thats it. Upload this app and try it too . Click this link https://www.tunnelbear.com/download/

. Don’t forget to send me some feedbacks.